At this time of the year, every corner you turn speaks of gratitude, and the experience of Kramas is no different. We have so much gratitude for the long line of Yoga teachers that have supported, nurtured and taught both Al and I so much about the practice and the ability to be flexible with our lives and practice. Yandara Yoga Institute and Yoga One took us in and gifted us with our first 200 HR Certifications for which we are deeply grateful. We are also grateful to our friends and families who have encouraged and supported us as we moved forward with our vision for Kramas Yoga School and its incredible birth. This all culminates in our gratitude for our students, those that we have trained, that we are training and those that attend our group classes. The idea that when “one teaches two learn” is so clear to us, and we are so grateful to be able to learn from each of you. As you move forward into this holiday season remember to be grateful for all that you offer to those who surround you in this experience of life. It is our gratitude that outshines the shadows and our gratitude that brings us hope.


Chicago Cubs, Yoga and 108

Those of you familiar with yoga are aware of the significance in the number 108.  It took the Chicago Cubs 108 years to win the World Series.  Coincidentally, the Cubs happened to hire a yoga teacher/mental skills coordinator this season.  Did yoga, meditation and mindfulness play a part in securing the Cubs' first title in over a century?  I can't say for sure, but I'm certain it didn't hurt.

How the Chicago Cubs' Yoga Teacher, Darnell McDonald, Encourages Athletes to Get On Their Mat